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Your discovery of the healer

Lohataona Awakening Retreat

Be a part of the healing

The Lohataona Awakening Retreat is our service to make you as accessible to the power as possible.

Be it guru, be it shaman, be it spiritual life coach or other lines of healing. We simply call it shamanism here. Whatever area of healing calls you, you carry the shaman within you. But what brings you closer to the spirit of a shaman - a healer?

It´s your shamanic way of life.





Mother Earth is looking for you.

She will open you to your calling. Become a part of her, receive her healing powers. Feel into her.

Let her guide you on your path to healing.

Open yourself to the spiritual spheres that connect us humans with you and the cosmos of dimensions.

The gates to Mother Earth are always open to everyone.

Often even the most motivated "healers" lack the necessary sobriety to open their eyes to the grounding truth that Pachamama wants to show us all. Our is that people who feel called to discover what it means to “master themselves”. And learn to engage in a true connection with Mother Earth. Over time, this wish has become an order.


We deliberately do not advertise here with things that can be learned from teachers and shamans of many different traditions. We do not want to instruct you in rites and traditional entanglements, which may not be suitable for you anyway. It is important to us and to Mother Earth to show you how to find the answers within yourself. A time has dawned that makes it possible to find and awaken the shaman and healer in you through strength and will alone.

We consciously offer you an empty space, which can then be filled with knowledge and wisdom under a guidance that carries you.

There are all kinds of training courses that teach the path to becoming a shaman or healer. At the end, a certificate is often issued by the teacher. But what is this worth? Mother Earth doesn't calculate, she doesn't judge. You can find values in all common systems, but not in the energetically healing dimensions of Pachamama. We do not issue certificates because in the eyes of Pachamama you are always a student of hers and will never complete your studies. The only guarantee really is your connection to her. This connection lets you truly feel and act. You can make that connection. Let's not just call it your shamanic coaching, your shamanic training, let's call it

your awakening


Let us accompany you on your shamanic healing path.

On request, as with our healing retreats, the following can be integrated: Yoga, crystal and shaman drum healing, ayurvedic marma massage and meditation.

If you explore the other pages, you will find a lot more information about our retreats and us.How we organize the daily routine, such as our organisation of  accommodation and meals. Prices for single and double retreats are also explained. We are also very happy to telephone to answer questions and to discuss further.

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