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A review by Anja

"For me, Lohataona is one of the well-guarded magical places in the world that has probably become rare by now, made for a healing journey to the world soul and you as a part of it. This place is highly recommended. Great respect and thanks to Ayfien and Iryjan, the keepers of this piece of Earth, lovingly designed in harmony with nature, that you open the gates and thus give (back) a piece of its healing magic to the world.

​Lohatoana is a place where real wild forces of nature,
finds stillness and simplicity. The fantastic view of
the dark green enchanted valley, the warm sun and the
gentle wind of Portugal quickly relaxed me and let my
worries be forgotten. This in combination with Ayfien`s
mindfully guided yoga classes and meditation and the
crystal healing sessions was exactly the right setting
for me after a deep crisis of meaning and exhaustion
depression. It was so easy for me to put my phone
away and be offline. I felt as if the world stood still for 14
days. A space of healing and self-love arose the
more I became connected with the rhythms of outer nature
and my inner nature. I got involved in my individual process. Ayfien and her wonderful dogs each accompanied me through this time in their own way. The ideal interplay of activity and relaxation led me back into my personal balance. The yoga gave me strength and access to my inner center. The guided meditations opened my heart and my visions. And with the crystal healing, I sank deep into my soul world to bring to light what needed to be seen. The connection with the healthy earth on Lohataona, with gardening and with cooking and eating the fresh plant foods has made me very happy nourished. The meditation at new moon, in conversation with the east wind under the eucalyptus tree remains unforgettable and groundbreaking.
At this point, special love and gratitude goes to Namur (mon amour), the chief shaman. The four-legged gentle warrior was always there at the right moment to help with the transformation from dark to light for me by being lovingly present and, for example, gently laying his head in my hands or on my lap. I also thank Leya, she gave me motherly care with her exuberant greetings and her care during the walks."

September 2021, Anja
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