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Pachamama wants to meet her children. Let us be her mediator for you and your healing.
Lohataona means spring and new beginnings
Many years ago we came to this place to meditate. After some time we decided to stay.
Portugal is a country of contrasts. And this valley offers a bit of everything.

Our Serra, located in central Portugal and especially the upper valley where we live, stores plenty of spring water and is home to magical flora and fauna. On all our walks and hikes we encounter wild animals. At night the owls call, the brooks murmur and the wind and the clouds brush through the branches of the chestnut and oak trees.
We manage a permaculture, which provides us and our dogs with delicious salads, herbs and vegetables all year round. We built our guest house from materials provided by the surroundings. It's a cosy cordwood house. It has a green roof and is made of clay and wood.
The kitchen, bathroom, guest house and composting toilet are all separate from each other.
We attach particular importance to energetic harmony.
We are here to continually heal ourselves. Being in the garden is healing and even washing the dishes can be healing because everything we do here happens in the presence of the trees and the water. Water is omnipresent here, as are all the elements.
We talk to the beings of this forest and cultivate a harmonious togetherness. All of this gives us access to the spirit of things. And it was precisely this spirit that often made us understand that we had to go out into the world. It wants to be experienced.
Our task now is to persuade you to come here to us.
This place is a place where powers come together. Vitality and growth are combined here with peace and security. With knowledge and with certainty. There are treasures of knowledge that can only be experienced. And for that you have to come here. To live, to experience.
Here you can roll out the waves of the daily storms or even let them break. And take a deep breath. Fresh, clear mountain air blowing in from the Atlantic. We want you to immerse yourself in a certain freedom here with us, even if it is only for a short time. A space that gives you the space and distance you need to heal. It's a space you can find and take with you.
The healing will come naturally as you set out
 harmonization instead of polarization
strength in the modern world
let rest and laugh
recognize and act
health and life
magic and simplicity
meditation and action
holy healing

Personally, I, Iryjan, would describe myself in this project more as the sensitive caretaker who helps things to manifest themselves so that the project and your healing can find its way. Among other things, I am writing this text for you or preparing the garden for good growth in spring.

Ayfien carries the sensitive gift and task of observing the flight of birds.

To ignite the smoke as an assistant and to accompany you towards your own power.


In such matters, nothing has and will never change. And so she uses the power of the stones and the shamanic drum to harmonize the energies so that you can immerse yourself in the depths of yourself. There she will reveal your shadows and help to solve them. Allowing light energy to manifest higher states of consciousness.


During Yoga, Ayfien will focus on grounding and centering yourself and opening your perception.

Beside her yoga teaching, Ayfien’s focus is on a type of healing that can only be passed via experience with the being of the earth, Pachamama.


Things are often simpler than one might think. It is always a question of energy, of personal energy balance. And in order to harmonize this, it is worth spending some time with us. At this place of power. We deliberately do not create any fixed patterns for the daily routine. We tend to pay attention to our surroundings, the weather and our fellow human beings. Spontaneity and spontaneously planned processes are part of the healing process and prove to be a mobilizing source of energy, especially during short stays.


Escaping the routine of everyday life is also part of healing. Since this is a one-person or two-person retreat, we can adapt to you individually. We live in nature, with nature, and allow it to show us exactly how a natural pattern of life can grow for humans. It is possible to integrate this natural knowledge into modern life. At our retreats we let this knowledge flow.

Our wealth of experience has grown steadily over the years. Our teachers were society and cities. Our masters are the sea, the mountains, the wild but also the tamed animals. The plants and also the winds. Not to forget the sun and the moon and the many stories of the stars. We have studied books, accepted them and we have also orientated ourselves to them, but we had to experience the true spirit of things in order to realize that books only report what we all already know.


It is our task to awaken this primal knowledge. It is the spirit - the power within things that wants to meet you.

Whichever way you come to us, it is a way of power.

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