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Let the rythm of the drum
speak for you

Crystal healing session and marma massage open your mind and prepare you for your path of recovery

Listen to the wind in the trees, the sound and rippling of the water, listen to the songbirds and the owls of the night. Have conversations about healing and listen to your heart

The contact with the elements, clear spring water, yoga and meditation will clean and free you

tipi pyrenees mountains berge shamanic healing awakening retreat portugal schamanisches yoga und meditation heilretreat portugal

The shamanic work begins with yourself before offering it to the world out there.

This picture was taken in the Pyrenees in 2016. We spent the autumn up there at 1000 meters.

Fire is more of the original source of strength, of the light, as an element.
Whether in winter for heating or cooking, we ignite it as often as possible in order to be cleaned by the smoke.


shamanic magic fire portugal, magisches schamanisches feuer lohataona healing awakening retreat portugal, traumabehandlung, trauma treatment portugal
magic dog fuerteventura, lohataona healing awakening retreat

This warrior is our dream teacher.

Anyone who loves dogs is with us at the right place of dreams.

And this tireless warrior loves the owls of the night. He is our loyal companion and guardian of the gates.

These two warriors are masters of
energy, strength, endurance and
above all, they are our masters
of devotion and forgiveness.


magic dog fuerteventura, lohataona healing awakening retreat portugal
Tipi at sunset lohataona healing retreat portugal

If you want to learn from the sun, you should align yourself with it.

At any time the sure ending in mind we enliven the present.

She teaches us the end and fresh start.

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